How to change Atm Card Pin

This post briefly explains how to change the Pin on Your ATM card either  a new or existing Atm card. Changing the Pin of Atm card ensures good security of ATM card information and other bank details.

How to Change Atm Pin

Its your hard earned money and you need to protect your atm card details from any fraudulent practice from people,hackers, fraudsters and even some bank workers may not be trusted.

Follow the process below, it explains how you can perfectly change your ATM Card Pin on getting to the Atm Centers without any assistance.

1. Insert Card

2. Enter default (bank pin) if its a new Atm card

3. Press Proceed

4. Select Change

5. Select Pin Change

6. Enter Your Pin or New Pin ( if the card is is an existing card)

7. Press Proceed

8. Reenter Pin

9. Press Proceed

10. Await a Confirmatory Message

Carefully follow the simple process of changing your ATM Pin as described above and be sure of a maximum security of ATM login details which that your cash is safe. Thanks for reading.


  1. i just used this and it works on getting to the Atm machine

  2. Great post. All readers will definitely like this post. Looking forward for your next post.


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