Entreprenuer of the week - Dieter Schwarz

The German Billionaire Dieter Schwarz as been named this site Entrepreneur of the week, Dieter Schwarz was named the Entrepreneur of the week not only because of his money making tactics but his wealth affects the common man and the needy through his charity Foundation.

According to Forbes, Dieter Schwarz was ranked as the 29th Billionaire in the world and 2nd  richest man in Germany. Dieter Schwarz Net Worth according to Forbes is $19.5B and he earn more money through the Retailer Lidl and Aldi.
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Dieter Schwarz inherited discount retailer Lidl, which has $85 billion in revenues and is Germany's second biggest discounter behind Aldi. Schwarz regularly appeared on the Forbes Billionaires List in the 1990s but was taken off the list in 1999 after he demonstrated to Forbes that he had transferred his ownership of Lidl to a charitable foundation. He returns to the Billionaires' List this year after research showed that the Dieter Schwarz Foundation is a limited liability company with a charitable purpose, not a charitable foundation. Dividends are used for charitable projects, but Schwarz maintains full control over his shares.

Dieter Schwarz has touched the lives of many people all over the world through his charity foundation where he spends major part if his income. Kudos to the German Billionaire Dieter Schwarz for this. Thanks for reading.


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