Entrepreneur of the week- Jan Koum & Brian Acton, WhatsApp Founders

This site has named the founders of the biggest Online Chatting apps in the world namely Jan Koum and Brian Acton as the Entrepreneur of the week. The two WhatsApp founders emerge as the Entrepreneur of the week due to their recent sale of Whatsapp to Facebook with $16billion.


                                       photo credit - forbes
The duo started WhatsApp when nobody really believes in their ideas. They were once rejected by big companies like Facebook while Jan Koum also work with Yahoo inc. The two WhatsApp boss have just become Billionaires with their instant messenger services called WhatsApp. 

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Jan Koum is believed to own 45% of the the total Whatsapp worth because he brought the idea while co founder Brian Acton also joined Jan Koum with the idea.

The hard work, ideas and never say die attitude of the whatsApp founder has made them a sudden billionaire with a deal $16billion sale of WhatsApp. There were chosen as the Entrepreneur of the week base on the sale of the site. Read more about Jan Koum and Acton

Kudos to the WhatsApp owners for a successful sale of Whatsapp and also becoming our Entrepreneur of the week. Kudos.


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