Is Gigbucks a Legitimate Site to Earn Money?

Is Gigbucks really a legit site that pays or to make money online? this is the question a reader asked and we decided to share the legitimacy of working online with Gigbucks (an alternative for fiverr) and getting paid between $5 to $50 for some online micro jobs and freelance jobs.

Gigbucks is a legitimate site for money making through freelance and micro jobs, where people makes money based on the service they render and get paid for their effort. Gigbucks only pays you only if you've completed job and certified by the client

You post your services also known as selling gigs, your gigs is the services you are about to render, advert the gigs, get an order and delivered the order. Then you get paid by the client through Gigbucks dashboard.

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If you know there are things you can do people, then you can legitimately post them on fiverr site for $5 and get paid for job properly done

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Gigbucks is legit because its a good way to make money with your skills, hard work and creativity and you also get promoted and trusted based on number of gigs properly done for a period and its customer reviews about your services. Gigbucks is a good alternative for fiverr in operation.

Below are simple things you can do to make money on Gigbucks simply if you have the skills to do them just like you do on Fiverr.
  •  Graphic Designs
  • Article writer
  • Backlink builder
  • traffic generator
  • solo ads expert
  • Video maker
  • online advertiser
  • Wordpress designer
  • Logo and Banner designer
  • Facebook like sales
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  • Facebook fan page sales
  • Twitter followers sales and many more.
Just like Fiverr, There are many more ways you can make money on this site legitimately by visiting the site, post your gigs ( services), advert the gigs massively and get the order done within the shortest time.

Gigbucks works exactly like fiverr in terms of money making, gigs promotion, rendering of services and cashing payment or earnings.


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