How To Use Your Skills To Do Good

Do you have a skill in any related fields and you think of earning money or respect with your skills, then you too can do good with your skills rather than become too selfish or die with those skills.

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I knew i could play the keyboard and bass guitar a little, then i quickly decide to use those skills to do good simply by joining a group in my place of worship where we play to the Glory of God and many times, we gather and play to earn money too.

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You may have different skills like programming, teaching, cooking, graphics, talking, drama, craft, jokes, artist and many more. Use those skills to do good and see how your life will change for the better and not think of doing bad with the skills.

How to Use Your Skills

1. Join Volunteer group where you could easily use your skills to help the environment or society at large

2.  Use the skills to make money

3. Use the Skills to help 

4. Render services for profit with the skills

5. Make people happy with your skills

6. Avoid using your skill to fraud people e.g hacking skills

7.  Help the old and teens with the skills when help is needed.

8.  Share ideas about your skills for free or for money  

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9.  Use your Entrepreneurship or money making skills to help people start a small business

10. Educate people and the society using your skills

These are various ways you can use your skills to do good. It pays to use one's skill to do good instead of using it for bad things.

Let make the world a better place by sharing ideas but for me, i will always share money making ideas. Thank for reading.


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