How to Make Money Solving Problems

A reader asked "can i make money solving people's problem" and the respond we posted was that if others can make money solving problems for people then you can also do that to earn money too. 

You can make money solving people or environmental problems only if you  can identify the problems and solve it for cash,

The best business idea that brings money any day is to solve problems. You do not need to spend so much starting, you only get a survey of problems and ways of getting it solved.
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Many are making money are with this idea of solving problem and i decided to share some experience on the journey so far about making money using this method. You make money simply by establishing a company or business which can satisfy the people's need in area like,

1. Credit card security

2. Unemployment

3. Small business ideas

4. Health

5.  Waste recycling

6. Party planning

7. Phone or car repair

8. Making money

9. Getting pregnant

10. Cure to diseases

11. Communication

12. Cheap call tariffs

13. Power failure

14. Online jobs

15. Easy Air travel Ticketing

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16. Writing Business plan

17. Student assignment or project 

18. Taxi

19. Food

20. Dirty environment for clean ups

And many more problems which need people to solve them by way of starting a business that can meet their demands, Sir/madam you will make money doing this.

Where to make adverts
1. Small handbills
2. Post adverts on popular forums or website
3. Post adverts on billboard
4. Post adverts on Facebook
5. Make a small postcard about your services
6. Street wall
7. Workshops 
8. Home front

Think about other problem the people are facing in your surrounding and possible solutions, with that you can start up a small business to solve that and make money with it. Its as simple as that, just get the business idea and start making money solving problems either environmental or people's problem. Thanks for reading


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