How to Make Money Selling Used Cloth

Selling Used Cloths is a fast growing business that makes money either importing in small number or large numbers of used cloths from any part of the world and making money with the cheap cloths. Selling fairly used cloths to make money is a cool business with lot of income.

Selling Cheap Used Cloths involves buying and selling of new or used brand of Cloths, underwear , tracks, shirts, Jeans, soft linen cloths and many more. You make money with this business at free time without losing anything just by traveling out of the country to get the cloths or you order for cheap cloths online which can be bought from Dubai.

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You can get the cloths from places like Dubai, United State, United Kingdom, Asia, Europe, China and other countries where you make money selling the used cloths you imported at cheap prizes.

Many are making money through the sale of cloths and i decided to share some experience on the journey so far about making money Importing our stuffs.Below are other cloths materials that can also be used to get money;

1. Sale of fairly used Cloths

2. Sale of cheap Jean

3. Sale of Cloths material e.g thread

4. Sale of Men Shirts to make money

5.  Sale of Ladies underwear for money

6. Sales of Shoes

7. Sales of Bags

8. Sales of Jewelries

9.  Sales of car

10. Selling native cloths materials

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That is a good way to make extra cash without spending much and instead of your money  staying idle in the bank. There are some conditions that attracts people to your Clothing Business to make money which are;

The Conditions
1. Less price list 
2. Quality Cloths design
3. Neat Cloths
4. Fairly used Cloths
5 Perfect Condition of cloths
6. Avoiding contraband Cloths e.g jean

Where to make adverts of Importation
1. Small handbills
2. Post adverts on popular forums or website
3. Post adverts on billboard
4. Post adverts on Facebook
5. Make a small postcard of available cloths
6. Street wall or fence showing Cheap Cloths for sale
7. Workshops 
8. Home front
9. Mouth to Mouth way of advertisement of cloths
10. Office or Place of Worship

Cloths Business is a good business for interested investors or business individual to start and earn money from it. It may not bring huge profit at first but with time, it brings money after you must have been known by many people for your properly advertised used cheap cloths.

Remember advertising your fairly cheap Cloths is a good way to let people know about your Cloth Business while they patronize you base on good services and condition of available Cloths. Thanks for reading as you make plan to earn money selling used and cheap Cloths.

Sale of Used cheap cars is a good business that brings money only if you buy Cloths that are needed by the people at cheap prizes especially ladies.

Note : you can get these cheap and cheap cloths in some online stores or travel to the countries where the Cloths are available.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Dubai is also a good place to get some of the cheap cloths


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