How to Make Money Selling Phones

Selling New or Used Phones is a good business that makes money for young and old business oriented people either through importing in small number or large numbers of used phones or new phones from any part of the world and making money with the importing the phones. Selling fairly used or new Andriod, Iphone, Blackberry, windows, Java phones to make money is a cool business with lot of income.

The Sale of Phones involves buying and selling of new or used Phones like,Blackberry, Htc, Iphones, Techno,Samsung galaxy, Nokia lumia, Gionee, Sony and many other smartphones and Phone  Accessories. You make money with this business at free time without losing anything just by traveling out of the country to get the Phones or you order for cheap Phones online just by visiting Phone stores on the internet.

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You can get the cheap new or used Phones in the United States, United Kingdom,China and other countries in America, Asia, Europe and some part of Africa where you make money selling the used or new Phones imported at cheap prizes.

Many are making money selling Phones especially Andriods and Iphones and i decided to share some experience on the journey so far about making money Importing the Phones.Below are other used and new Phone items that can also be used to get money;

1. Selling of fairly used IPhones

2. Selling of cheap Android Phones

3. Selling of Phone Accessories

4. Selling of Phone battery

5.  Selling of Phone Charger

6. Sales of Phone memory cards

7.  Sale of Phone skin cover or pouch

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This is definitely a good way to make extra cash selling phones to make money. There are some conditions that attracts people to your Phone Business to make money which are;

The Conditions
1. Less price list 
2. Quality Phones
3. Clean Phones
4. Fairly used Blackberry, Andriod or Iphones
5 Perfect working conditions of Phones

Where to make adverts of Phone business awareness 

1. Small handbills for phone publicity
2. Post adverts on popular forums or website
3. Post adverts on billboard
4. Post adverts on Facebook
5. Make a small postcard of available Phone types
6. Street wall or fence showing Phones for sale
7. Workshops 
8. Home front
9. Mouth to Mouth
10. A small warehouse,store or shop is good

 Importing and selling cheap new or used phones is a smart way for a business oriented person or Entrepreneurs to start a small business. You may not only import the phones but get them on some reliable online stores even at cheap prizes and you begin to sell them to students, youth, guys, ladies, moms and many more.

You may buy the phones in small quantity at first and later order for more samples, its a good business that brings money through the sale of phones. Get more knowledge about this phone business, start your own business and make money selling the phones. Thanks for reading.


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