How to Make Money on Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social networks where people post pics and videos of happenings around them. Instagram is widely used by people, celebrities and corporate organization to show samples of pics around them in a photo sharing ways.

Instagram is not only make for fun but also to make money. We will share different ways you can earn money from instagram whille other are sharing pics for fun but you will share your photos to earn money.   See AlsoWhat is Instagram?

Since Instagram is  a social networks for photo and video sharing, those pic will also be shared for money and that's the idea we are sharing now and also let you know ways you can also get paid through Instagram.

Ways to Earn Money on Instagram

1. Create Original Photo or Videos and not copied materials

2. Post them on Instagram
3. Make a decent photos of a brand you want to advertise

4 .Advertise your brand using a pics and share them on Facebook or Twitter

5. Post your instagram photos on some download site that pays for every download

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6. Attach your Instagram photos to sites like istock, dreamsime, photostock etc where you get a commission on each download.

7. Help people, companies and firm create lovely promotional pics or videos and post them on Instagram for cash

8. Make some lovely Photoshopped materials and make adverts through your social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus

9. Advertise sample of your instagram photos forsale on Fiverr, Zeerk or Gigbucks telling buyers you can help them build such photo design

10. Paste original photos of celebrities you design and share them popular forums, twitter, blogs etc where interested people can contact you for such work and get paid.

Right now, we are managing a client instagram account and those are the simple way we earn money through the Instagram pics and photo shares. 

Simply connect your Instagram to other social networks like Facebook or Twitter for more popularity on pics that brings money. Thanks for reading


  1. So people also make money on instagram , promotion promotion at its peak

  2. Yea its real just advertise ur products using pics and thats all


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