How to Make Money from Snail Farming

Can i make money from Snail Farming? this question was asked by one of our readers and the answer to the question remains "Yes" any time.

Snail farming is just like any other farming Business which make money simply by rearing, feeding and keeping the snails till they get to the required marketable size and prize.

Snail farming is just keeping snails, feeding and taking care of them either in a large scale or small scale but whichever way, you still earn money with your snails especially when big.

To start making money with snail farming, you need to invest in this farming business and start rearing them. Snails do not need much spending on food and shelter but they eat leaves especially cocoyam leaves and others. Snails are hermaphrodite which means they can reproduce at any time.

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Just get started with your snail farming and make money from the snails simply by ;

1. Getting small space in a farm or beside your home
2. Make a concrete block to keep your snail
3. Cover with a wired net that ensures safety and ventilation
4. Lay with leaves which serves as food for snail
5. Buy Snails to begin rearing

Snail rearing requires no hard work or stress but just supply with leaves and other food material and watch them grow in little time but with huge profit.

You can sell your snail for money in the market, neighborhood, friends and family, work place, other farms, food sellers or through the internet.

Snails also make money by exporting them to other countries through some farm agents where you could get them around, You earn money from snails if you do such.

Look forward to our next post for other detailed ways to make money from snail. Thanks


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