How to Make Money from Farming

You might not necessary be a farmer  to start making money from farming but to understand some basic skill about Agriculture. Farming is an act of growing crops and rearing of animals for food or money.

Farming helps feed the nation and the profit it provide is really great and worth investing into. Farming is a business that one can not lose if not for outbreak of disease or any other factorSee Also5 Signs you are in an wrong business

To make money from farming, you need to know which area of farming you likely to cope with and start the business of farming. Some areas of farming includes

1. Poultry Farming

2. Fish farming

3. Planting of crops e.g yam, cassava, onions etc

4. Planting of vegetable

5. Snail rearing
And many more which will be posted as you read on.

The area of farming that works well for our client is the fish farming based on our location and access to water and drainage and we are earning money from our farming activities.

Things to consider for starting a farming business

1. The location of space
2. The type of farming
3. Nearness to market
4. Access to water, drug and food for animals
5. Access to drainage
6. Getting fund to start the business
7. How and where to sell the produce for money

After considering the following farming conditions, then you need to kick start your ideas by setting a target on getting started with the little fund you have.
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You also also determine if you are starting the farming business on a small scale or large scale. But its better you start your farming with a small fund and the earning can now be reinvested back into the business to make it a larger farm

You make money from your farm by selling your farm produce in the ready made market because farming is good and a lucrative business.

The latest way of making money is to export your farm produce in other countries for foreign exchange. Its very cool, we have agent that help us sell our produce in the united state, united kingdom and other European countries

You can inbox us for more ideas on how to start making money through farming and we will try as much as possible to get back to you as quick as possible.

Better still, keep your fingers cross to our next update as we will be posting on other ways to make money from farming. Thanks for reading.


  1. Correct info about making money farming

    1. Anyone who starts farm business don't run at loss.


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