How to Make Money as a Youth

We decide to publish this post for the youth get ideas on how to make money as a Youth. Many people would have thinking how some youth make money either before Graduating or after graduating from school and various ways of achieving this money making ways.

Making money as a Youth is a good and perfect ideas that brings money only if you know what to do, how to do them, what to invest, what to sell, what to import and how to make make money.

You could make money as a youth using various method like selling an item, rendering a services, importing items, electronics repairs etc Below are ways of making money as a youth as you read on.

10 Ways to Make Money as a Youth

1. Learn to sell a Product : a sure way to make money as a youth is to learn to sell anything that people need and are willing to buy. Selling is a good business for any youth to earn money if the right product were picked. For instance, ladies wear, phone accessories, perfumes etc

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2. Learn to sell a service: the youth can make simply by rendering a service. The service can be inform of helping others. You can think of anything you can do to help others e.g webdesign,  writing, homework, driving, teaching and many more.

3. Learn to trade : a good way for a youth to make money is to learn a trade which involved buying and selling. Trading is a sure way that brings profit and there are businesses a youth can to do earn money.

4. Game Center : You can make money as a youth if you can set up a game center which may be either big or small, then you are on the right business or making money from children. It may be boring at first but it pays with time. A game center is a way of making profit from the public.

5. Food items : selling food items like chocolates, junks, juice etc is a good business ideas that brings money any where in the world. Children, ladies, even adults buy food, drinks, sweets, biscuits, chocolates etc and you make profits selling them even in a small shop or schools.

6Repairs : the youth can earn moneymaking repairs of electronics like plasma tv, radio, video games, Phones, and many more. This repairs can be done using a small space or home service just by making publicity and leaving your contact information for call back.

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7. Online Business :online business such as blogging, affiliate marketing, soccer bets, paid surveys, article writing, micro or freelance jobs all brings money for intending youth who wants to make money using the following ideas.

8. Shares : as a  youth who wants to get money, you need to invest your little earnings in stocks. It can be done online or offline. Buying of shares make money on the long run.

9. Get Education : the best way to earn money as a youth is to get education informally or formally, becoming a literate individual pays the youth with time.

10. Importation : the youth can make money importing various items people need earn money for young adults. Cheap Phones, Used card, Cloths, Shoes etc are items that can be imported and start making money from it.

These are few working ways a youth can earn money instead of staying unemployed or jobless like other people. The youth does not need to waste time on irrelevant things on sex or social networks. Try this and see how it work for money making as a Youth.


  1. These are real information for youths to read. Practice and make money with the ideas instead wasting time in social media. Investing to make money as a you is one of the best Thing to do in a life time. Thanks

  2. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone should read this article. Thanks for sharing.


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