How to Improve Your Google's Search Engine Ranking

Making and developing a website can be done at a quite low cost. What is more important is to make it visible on Google where the buyers come to visit your site and buy a product. Google Search engine is important as it is the top Search engine among any other site. About 90% of the traffic flows from Google rather than direct to the websites. To take a step into the competitive world in selling your products or do your business, you need to first rank your company websites on the first page of Google’s Search engine. Today the competition has been increased in every field of business and so to rank your website is a much difficult task. The basic method of Google search engine ranking is to make the maximum number of links and quality links of your website. Further there are many other methods too. In this post I will list the methods by which you can increase your search engine ranking in your website niche. These methods have helped many sites and hope your site too gets benefited with this listed techniques.
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1.    Keyword Phrase
It is obvious that we search for the phrase on Google and not for a single word. E.g. - Top SEO Company in Bangalore rather than Bangalore company. Before publishing your article on website keep in mind that you use a keyword phrase rather than single words. Focus on the phrases in the post but don’t overdo it.  There are tools like “keyword planner” that will help you to find a keyword phrases for you. Also look upon the Google trend to see which phrases are ranking higher on search engine.

2.    Keyword Density
Keyword density is nothing but the number of times your keywords occurring in the article. It is recommended to put 2-3% density of keyword in your article- not less or more than that. Also try to keep the keyword phrase naturally in the article, not many a times in the same paragraph or the repeated keywords. It might happen that Google may not visible the keywords that are repeated many a times.

3.    Title Tag

It is seemed that Google gives much weight to the keywords used in the title. Here title means the tag with <Title> in the <Head> section. In most of the sites you will see the tab of new page, enter your title with beautiful sentence wrapping your keyword inside. You might be benefited with this feature.

4.    Get Inbound Links

Since it is obvious that your site ranks in the Google Search engine with the number of links you make, so try to make maximum links you can point to your website. It is the best method to make external links with a relevant keyword linking your site that will make your ranking higher.

5.    Make Graphics search Friendly

Try to make your website theme as simple and beautiful. Make the navigation of your website easy so that visitors are happy surfing your website. Keep the flash to a minimum. The reader might enjoy with flash but Google may skip it especially for phone traffic. Give images the <ALT> attribute tag. It not only helps to make a website more visually impaired but also give chance to keep your keyword where Google see it.
At the end, I will make you points that Google will rank those pages that are most organized and most popular. On the other hand use all the SEO tactics and make your website visible on the Goggle’s first page with high Ranking.


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