Entrepreneur of the week : Carl Icahn

Based on poll result that which was recently conducted to choosing this site Entrepreneur of the week, the Founder of Icahn Capital Management Carl Icahn has been named the Entrepreneur of the week for the first time

                                                 photo credit - forbes

According to Forbes, Carh Icahn was ranked as the 26th Billionaire in the world and 15th richest man in the United State. Carl Icahn Net Worth according to forbes is $20.3B and he earn more money through the Chocolate industry, production plants and other affiliate companies.

Carl Icahn puts the active in activist investor. He returns to Top 20 on The Forbes 400 with a net worth up $5.5 billion this year thanks to bets on Netflix and vitamin maker Herbalife, which hedge fund manager Bill Ackman called a pyramid scheme. Also challenged Michael Dell for his eponymous computer company and lost, but forced Dell and Silver Lake Partners to up their bid to $24.9 billion

Carl Icahn has contributed greatly to the Vitamin and Netflix, youth and the world generally and he needs to be celebrated as one of the world successful Entrepreneur of our time. Thanks for reading.


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