5 Common Scams a Student Should Avoid

As a student, you need to not fall for scams due to pressure or other reasons. Some scams are aimed at students especially undergraduate. In order to avoid these scams as a student, then you need to carefully read on as we post the scams and how to avoid them

We teach and post ways of making money, making our life better, pay for college fees and not to fall for scam either online or offline scam as a student. 

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International students are more likely to fall for some of these scams due to internet information and data shared around while they source for available international college degree or online masters programme.

Scams Student Should Avoid

1. Internet Scams : students can avoid avoid internet scam simply by not giving out information to non reliable source asking you to pay school fees to a particular account, or link through email asking you to supply your credit or debit card information to help you pay to your school account.

2. Phone Scam : many times, students get call from people telling them about their school and payment information, asking them to text their name, admission number and credit or bank account number to their number for verification. These are scams to avoided by students and the best way to avoid such is to shun such calls or report to the appropriate authority.

3. Bank Scam : this is a common scam to be avoided by students where students get phone or sms alert asking them to provide their bank name and password as well as their social security number for a particular verification. its scam and please student shouldn't fall for such

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4. Scholarship Scams : online or offline scholarship scheme are everywhere and majority of guys, firms all use this to fraud student of the money claiming they've just won a scholarship they never applied for. This can be avoided by identifying the site by sending a direct mail to the school and if you never wrote any scholarship exam, then shun it because its scam

5. Get rich quick Scams: this is the common scam students should avoid because it prompt student to pay for sure money making scheme that pays fast promising them huge returns on investment. Majority of the get rich quick scheme are scams, don't fall for it and don't send money to anybody for eBook or money making fast.

These are few scams for students and how to avoid them. Please read and don't fall for scams instead earn a degree and make money. Thanks


  1. this is a good post if i must say, i have read over and over and i think as a student we need not fall for such scam anymore. many have lost money through this scams. its bad. its a nice post

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