31 Ways A Student Can Make Money on Campus

Are you are student or an undergraduate who stays on school campus and have been thinking on ways you could make money right there on campus? This post will give you a list of ideas and some small business you could do to earn money while studying on campus.

To earn money on campus as a student, you will have to will have to do two(2) things which are;
  • Sell an item
  • Render a service for money
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To make money on Campus, you need to think and act fast on what seems to be the lack or problem of students on campus and you solve it. You could decide to start a small Business or help others to get paid in return or some online business can also work fine for you while you study and make money.

List of Things to do to Make Money on Campus
  1. Photography
  2. Buying and selling of student wears(male or female wears)
  3. Soccer prediction(betting)
  4. Photocopy and typing centre
  5. A mini cyber cafe
  6. Selling make ups and jewelries for ladies
  7. Assist in project and researches for money
  8. Selling Phone Accessories e.g Phone Batteries
  9. Small Scale importation of stuffs
  10. A mini barbing Saloon
  11.  Scholarship Application for students
  12. Transport business
  13. Teaching and tutorials
  14. Blogging
  15. Sales of Books (helpful ones)
  16. Sales of Recharge cards
  17. Bulk sms for school, church or campus fellowship purposes
  18. Network marketing  
  19. Helping co student to write assignment
  20. Providing Internet facilities, configurations and some cheap browsing tips
  21. Sales of cheap phone
  22. Sales of girls underwear, shoes and bags
  23. Freelance Article writing
  24. Laundry Business
  25. Soap making
  26. Beads making
  27. Decoration
  28. Event planner
  29. Female hair making
  30. Selling of cheap snacks or food
  31. Game center 
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 All the listed business ideas works well for students who want to be financial stable, start a business and depends on their own ideas to earn money while on campus.

Read the long list of small opportunities to make money as a student right there in your school campus while others waste away their money over nothing. Thanks for reading.


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