22 Must Used Widget for your Blogger Blog

If you own a blog on blogger and you really want to know the most important widget to use on you blogger blog either new or old, then you will consider the list of recommended and must used widget for you blogger blog as they are listed below.
blogger widgets 
Some of this widget help increase your blog traffic, helps in search engine optimization(seo) and also reduces your site bounce rate. You really don't need to think or pay some blogging expert to do this, just install the recommended widget for your blogger blog.

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If we used the phrase must used widget, it means the widget are important for your site and there are very important and also are recommended for your site. 

22 Recommended widget for Blogger Blog
  1. Google Translate widget 
  2. Number page navigation widget
  3. Facebook Fan Page Widget
  4. Facebook like button
  5. Facebook send button
  6. Twitter badge
  7. Twitter follow widget with count
  8. Retweet Button
  9. Recent post widget
  10. Recent post with thumbnails
  11.  Related post widget
  12. Related post with thumbnails
  13. Recent comment (round)
  14. Google plus Badge
  15. G plus + badge
  16. Random post widget with thumbnail
  17. Random post widget
  18. Top Commentators widget
  19. Search this blog widget
  20. Google Pagerank or Alexa ranking widget
  21. Subscription by email widget
  22. Contact Form
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You can easily get the widget and their codes just by searching through the blog search box or you visit the Blogging Tips section to get some of the widget and the instruction in installing them on your blog

This widget are a must to be used, they are important and are highly recommended for your blogger blog which help visitors stay for a longer period on your site. Thanks for reading.


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