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Entrepreneur of the week : Mukesh Ambani

Based on poll result that which was recently conducted to choosing this site Entrepreneur of the week as well as the money maker of the week, the Indian Richest man and oil & gas business mogul Mukesh Ambani has been made the Entrepreneur of the week According to Forbes, Mukesh Ambani was ranked as the 22nd Billionaire in the world for 2013 and the current Richest man in India. Mukesh Ambani Net Worth is $21B and he earn more money through the petrochemicals, oil and gas, internet, telecom and many more. See Also ,   Entrepreneur of the week- Jeff Bezos The billionaire and Chairman of Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani, runs Reliance Industries, a $50 billion market value Indian petrochemicals conglomerate. He is also the country's richest man. A few of his current projects: 4G -- he is working to install the service across India -- and the KG-D6 offshore gas field. Ambani also owns the world's most expensive residence The Indian and world's Billio

Occasions for using your Digital Camera's with your family around

Digital cameras are easy to use and provide their users with colorful, clear photographs most of the time. That's why there are so many families who own a digital camera. Consider just a few of the popular occasions when families use their digital cameras. Birthday Parties When a child has a birthday party a digital camera can record all of the highlights of the occasion. Blowing out the candles, cutting the cake and opening the presents are a just a few of the moments that can be captured by family members with the help of their digital camera. Graduations Many people bring their digital camera to a graduation ceremony that includes a friend or family member. This camera is perfect for documenting the occasion and making sure that all of the most memorable moments are recorded. A digital camera is light-weight and easy to manage so a person can enjoy the ceremony and not have to wrestle with an elaborate camera. Wedding Ceremonies A friend who is attending a loved one&#

4 Ways to Avoid Overspending this Christmas

The Christmas season is finally here where people buy, sell, visit, travel and spend their earned money in one way or the other just to enjoy this holiday season with family, friends or co workers. The Christmas holiday season is a beautiful one but we must not forget fact that reckless spending may harm our income especially in the new year. While other are planning to make more money this Christmas, some will be planning to spend money while other are planning to save but we are planning to make money and not overspend what we are earning during this season. See Also , Ways to Make Money During Christmas There are many ways to avoid overspending this Christmas season and only a few are stated below. I know as you read on, you will learn some few tips here on how to control your spending this Xmas holiday.   Avoid wastage : the best way to avoid wastage is to learn to save some part of your salary or income and not to spend everything this Xmas, Other simple ways to save i

12 Cost Effective Ways to Stay Warm This Season

Just as we have promised to give you the best information on ways to make money, save money and live a good life, we decided to write about cost free or cheap ways to stay warm this season without spending much money on getting warm at this time. Just as you know that we are in the winter season where coldness becomes the other of the day and more money are spent during this time to keep warm. Also, in some part of Africa are also experiencing the harmattan season with cold, dry and dusty wind which makes people stay more at home and thereby spending more not on feeding but on getting warm See Also ,  Stay at home jobs for mums   Below are different cheap ways one can get warm, enjoy is hard earned money and reduce money spent on some gas stations just to keep warm. See below some good and cheap ways to keep warm this cold winter season and keep your money for something else especially the work at home mums that makes their money only through the internet.   Buy some ch

10 New Ways to Make Money Online for Free

This post explains briefly some new ways people, groups and the work at home guys make money online for free without paying anybody but through the power of information. A scholar said and i quote "when one is not informed, such individual is deformed" that is why we are really trying our best to give useful and life changing information on what people do online to make money and how it can be achieved for free. See Also ,   What is Online Business We won't ask you to pay a dime but just read and learn based on our experience and other online earners on what they do to earn cash through the internet.  Below are list of new things people do on the internet to make money straight into your online payment gate or bank. 10 New Ways to Make Money Online 1. Paid Surveys :  Although many people may not believe that paid surveys still pays but there are some legitimate paid surveys that pay you to work by filling their surveys online. If you are no

Whichsurveys is Legit

Whichsurveys is one of the best and legit ways to earn money online with paid surveys, it  mainly shows site for various countries in the world with the list of reliable paid surveys site. is a reliable site that gives you a list of top paid surveys site that actually pays and site with scam free reviews. You will need to join as many as possible paid survey site to make a reasonable amount of income from paid survey. Whichsurveys is a site that provides people the opportunity to earn cash legitimately from their opinions about a product, services, site and many more. Whichsurveys is a Legit way to make money online taking surveys and has been tested as a site which provides high paying site for legitimate survey site to make money through completed surveys and redeemed their earnings by Check or Paypal See Also :   How to Start Taking Surveys Below are list of paid survey sites listed by countries that can be found on only if you re

How Management can Minimize Personal Injuries in Workplaces