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Entrepreneur of the Week : Larry Ellison

This site has named Billionaire Larry Ellison as the Entrepreneur of the week . This result was based on poll result on the the winner of Earn Online Highest money maker of the week as well as the Entrepreneur of the week. Must Read  :  why you need to Donate Larry Ellison is the CEO of Oracle and has been named the 5th Richest  Man in the world. Larry Ellison has donated $445million to his Ellison Medical Foundation and has supported lot of anti aging and disease project. Images  : forbes Larry Ellison , America's third richest man, has been on a real estate buying spree. In June, he bought 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai from David Murdock. That purchase, for a reported $500 million or more, gave Ellison almost all of the 141-square mile island, including two resort hotels and a housing development. Adding to his real estate purchases, Ellison has also been active in the Los Angeles mansion market, purchasing two Malibu homes in October and January for a comb

Why you Need to Donate

Many successful Entrepreneurs or business owners make donation in one way or the other. Donations could be made to the orphanage, less privilege, charity, needy, war zones and many more. Must Read   :  Your Income and Donation Donating an item or items is a way of supporting and improving the life of people who needs assistance. Even rich and successful people and business owners see donation as a way to make more money by donating to others. Types of Donation 1. You can decide to donate your car 2. You can donate a house 3. You can donate food items 4. You can donate cash 5 . You can donate your time 6 . You can make donation in form of assistance 7. You can donate some clothing items 8. You can donate a check              How to Donate You could make a car donation or cash donation to reliable organization where they get it across to the needy.  Must Read  : 7 Secret to Success Free free to browse through various donation organization across

Arvixe free Domain and Cheap Web Hosting Services

Arvixe is one of the world free domain registration,web hosting and reseller hosting site that can be reliable. Arvixe has been hosting big website all over the world with a reliable and free domain name registration. I decided to write about Arvixe due to questions from our readers on how to select the best free domain registration and web hosting services that are relatively cheap or free. Must Read :  Top 3 Domain Registration and Web Hosting Services Arvixe still remains the most reliable free web domain registration based on experience and testimony from different website or blogs designed with wordpress, joomla, blogger, tumblr, dreamweaver and many more. Arvixe also offers cheap web Hosting services, dedicated servers, reseller hosting, free DNS services, domain hosting, vps hosting, windows hosting and free domain name for hosting plan Another point that makes Arvixe the best web hosting is the fact that it offers good and guranteed currency conve

Why is Social Signal Important in SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most significant tool for improving the searches on your website or blog all over the world. There are billions of blog and websites on internet. Your blog needs to be different from others in order to get large traffic. Your blog must exist within the first few pages of search engines to generate good amount of visitors on your articles. A good SEO can derive you instant and more visitors to your blog. SEO is of two types namely- On Page Optimization and off page optimization. On page optimization is the methods that you use before the posting of your article. Off page optimization are the methods used to promote your article after you have posted it to your blog or the Guest blogging services . We will discuss about the off page optimization here. The social marketing of your blog is a type of social signal that is very important in SEO. It is the main source of traffic to your blog. Must Read   :  Top 5 Popular SEO Sites What are social s

How to Covert your Blog Post into a Video

Bloggers or Online writers largely create use of writing to convey their message to their readers. however have you ever ever thought of victimization pictures, or videos to try and do the same? in fact, lots of individuals use videos and pictures on their blogs or websites. however however concerning presenting your awful web log posts within the style of a video? perhaps not each follower of yours is following your drawn-out web log posts that you just share on social media, thus why not attempt one thing new, and gift your web log posts in an exceedingly whole completely different way? Must Read   :  How to Promote an Article on the Internet At now, you would possibly be thinking you do not have the time or even the power to make and edit a video, thus why bother? Wibbitz ! this can be a pleasant tool that may assist you create a video from your web log posts with little effort! Wibbitz Basically, Wibbitz could be a net app that may crawl your web site or web log, and extract

10 Habit of Highly Successful People

Don't you think that people need to emulate some good habit of successful people to be successful and achieve success. Highly successful Entrepreneurs like Bill gate, Oprah Winfrey, Carlos slim, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page etc all have some good  habit worth emulating. The following habit listed below doesnt only useful to successful Entrepreneur or Business men but to everybody who really want to be successful and make money too. 10 Habit of Highly Successful People 1. Meditation : highly successful people and millionaires exhibit one common habit which is called meditation. Many believe meditation brings ideas,and ideas brings money.  They meditate over and over various business ideas and make sure it works. Must Read  :     7 Secret to Success 2. Search for Wisdom : Successful people always search for wisdom and new ideas from people who really can use those ideas e.g Business ideas 3. Learn to develop : sucessful Entrepreneurs or Business owners always cultivate

How to be More Creative

Coming up with different ideas that works and live solving problems can be challenging at times, but there are simple ways get the inspiration of creativity. Many people wondered how other people excel in Business Make more money with their skills and attitude than the other. You could be creative with reasonable ideas in any areas you find yourself and get the success you seek. There are many ideas for business start ups, Business owners, Entrepreneur and managers to be creative and excel with their creativity. Must Read  :  Business Ideas for the Jobless 10 Ways to More Creative 1.Picture : You can be more creative simply by drawing a picture of what you to doand getting an idea e.g Business ideas 2. Ideas : you can be more creative if you really focus and work out your ideas and choose the best ideas to earn money or popularity with it. 3. Question : you can be creative and get ideas simply by asking questions from people and summing up answers for your own creativity

3 Sites that Pays Using Social Networks

Do know that you could use the social networks to make money into your Paypal or bank account by performing just a simple task while you enjoy the media. Everyone knows Facebook and Twitter remains the best social networks in the world.You could choose to make money from them or keep enjoying the fun at leisure. Must Read  :  how to earn from Facebook These 3 sites below are top earn money while you enjoy your activities on the Social Networks. You will make money through the numbers of Facebook friends, Facebook Likes or Twitter Followers. You will contacted advertisers who wants you to post a link to your Facebook fans or Twitter followers and get paid. Top Sites that Pays You for Social Networks 1. Sponsoredtweets : this a site that allows you to make money by tweeting a links from advertisers to your Twitter followers. This site connect you to advertisers that are ready to pay for Sponsored Tweets. You select the keyword and get paid for the Tweets. Must Read  :