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10 Reasons You Need a Gmail Account

The Gmail account is an E-mail service from Google inc which allows users to send email with over 15gig of space. The Gmail account can easily be used to send messages, send pics, videos, apps, programs etc. The Gmail account opening process seems to be one of the easiest with a good recovery process unlike yahoomai l account. Apart from sending messages, chat, etc, Gmail is the gateway to some other google products which are listed below. Why You Need a Gmail Account 1 . You need to open a gmail account to operate some essential apps on Andriod Phones

How to Add "Recent Comment" Widget on Your Blog

You will notice that the " recent comment " widget on some blogger blog has not been working properly which write recent comment widget not working properly. This is the solution to the widget, the code below will make the recent comment widget work properly on your blog. simply follow the simple process below and see the Recent Comment Widget work on your blogger blog. The Steps 1 . Sign in to your dashboard.


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15 Advantages of Using Yahoo Answers

While surfing the internet , i recently noticed that the best place i got most questions i asked online where gotten from Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers is a yahoo program where you post any question and within few minutes, you get life and reliable answers. If i could not get human responds from Google or other website, then i use Yahoo Answers to find a solution. Below is a list of the advantages of using Yahoo Answers ;