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8 Ways to Avoid Falling for Scam Mails

Just recently, i receive a mail asking me to reset a password from my bank but i easily detected it was actually not from my bank. Does it mean Online Banking or Online transaction has failed? You only need to step up your online security system using strong password or any other security measures. It will be too bad to fall for phishing mails from online scams and lose your hard earned money. You get scam mails or phishing mails especially from agent claiming to be your admin manager at online currency exchange site like liberty reserve, Paypal, Payza, perfect money, e-gold etc as well as your Atm Card issuer.

Top 3 World's Most Influential Couple

This is the list of the Top 3 World Most Influential Couple. These couples have contributed greatly not only to their country but the world in one way or the other. Their are thousands of influential couple as millionaires, Billionaires , Politicians, CEOs, Celebrities and many more. But the couples below are the top 3 Most Influential couples in the world. Base on polls from Forbes stats, Yahoo and Google, these couples performed greatly in the life of children, widows, sick, youth, illiterates, blacks, whites, and many more. 1. Hilary and Bill Clinton : Both couples were once involved in politics where Bill Clinton was the former president of the united state and Hilary Clinton the US Secretary of State. The couple donated extensively to charity organization from their earnings and have contributed greatly to people lives. They are rated as the best couples in the world and the most influential.

Photo News : The woman who left Google inc for private Business

After working with Google for 5yrs as a Product Marketing Manager. She was well paid, her job was a secured one with Google, she makes so much money meeting her target with Google but decided to start Online Business called Makeably.