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Entrepreneur of the Week : Marissa Mayer

This site has named the new CEO of YAHOO as the Entrepreneur of the week . The former Google employee has been wonderful when it comes to managerial skills. She currently earn $36M for six month while hired by yahoo and $117M over 5yr.

Top 10 Ways to Save for Retirement

This post is based on personal experience of a family friend who got retired recently. After watching carefully the whole retirement process and how boring it was for this man, i decided to put pen on paper to enlightened our readers about saving for retirement. We will never work forever, we will definitely step aside from work someday. But you may not really need to start saving millions for the retirement in one day but a gradual process.

Top 3 Richest Countries in the World

Despite the rise in unemployment rate and low standard of living in many countries, some countries seems to be in favour of wealth, good governance and good business environment for investors. The top 3 Richest Countries where selected based on GDP per capita and also their performance in the world stock market. Top 3 Richest Countries

10 Ways to Protect Your ATM Card

The ATM card is the new new invention which allows users to deposit and withdraw money with their Atm card from any ATM centres. You need to protect your Atm card from fraudsters for good security as well as not to lose your hard earned cash. Read the following tips listed below on the process on how to protect your Atm card below . 1 . Change your password from the old one on the card . 2 . Frequently, change the password on the Atm card when you notice ant suspicious activity. 3 . Keep Atm card carefully. 4 . In case of theft or misplacement ,contact your bank immediately.