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Young Entrepreneur of the Week : Isabella Barrett

Isabella Barrett is already a millionaire at the age of six. She already own a Jewelry and make up line in which she earn so much from this Business. She wins almost all the beauty pageant she contested and she sees herself as a Boss.

How to Make Money as a Student

It can never be too late to make money as a student or an undergraduate only if you read carefully and make use of this post. This is the accumulation of  business ideas i missed after graduating out of college and i wish to share with my readers. An a student or an undergraduate, you could decide to earn cash by investing your little cash or engage in some small business that brings money. You could decide to invest online or offline which seems to be the common method. The money making point below may not be detailed in a single article below but you need to make more research on this or read more this site . Top 10 Ways to Make Money as an Undergraduate 1 . Investing in stock - you are aware that buying shares may not be a quick rich scheme but if you consider the numbers of years of study, then you make money with your shares. But suitable for Undergraduates.

Are Credentials Still Relevant ?

Many years ago when i was in college, my dream is to have good result and further my education which enhances my certificates. Many parent believes an ambitious young man will always strive for credentials to secure a future. Little i had known that acquiring school certificate do not guarantee good job, good money, riches, money making ideas, fat pay check but professionalism and specialization. Our school system does not teach how to become an entrepreneur , how to make money, investing, Business and to sharpen one's skills. Nowadays, Going to school to not guarantee the measurement of an individual based on the educational

Photo of The Day - Michael Dell

Michael Dell is the C.E.O of Dell inc. Michael Dell was rated amongst the top Billionaire in the world and was also ranked as the 41th richest man in the world according to Forbes.