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Entrepreneur of the Week : Robert Kiyosaki

This site has named Robert Kiyosaki as the Entrepreneur of the week as well as the Highest Earner of the week. Robert Kiyosaki is the writer of the highest selling motivational book in the world "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

What are Work at Home Jobs

Work-at-home-jobs are simply various works that can be done from home. Work at home can either be done online or offline. Its a means of making money for the unemployed, entrepreneurs, self employed, business expert, etc Popular work at home jobs that are offline includes Baby Sitting, Baby care, Art, etc while Work at home jobs for the internet are popular called Online Business i.e working and making money online. The various work at home jobs done with the internet are described below Work at Home Jobs 1. Affiliate Marketing : this is a way to earn cash online simply selling other people product and earning commission

Top 10 Chatting Site/Apps

Chatting is a modern way to communicate with Friends, Families, Client, Customers etc via the Internet. Chatting can be done using a mobile phone or pc. Chatting can be used as to make new friends, pass information, connect with people, sharing things/ideas, communicate extensively, teach , promote a business and many more. There are good site with lot of advantages only if you will not reveal some personal messages to strangers online Top 5 Chatting Site/Apps 1 . Yahoo chat rooms

10 Tips to Attract Buyers for Your Car

Do you want to sell your car or large number of cars if you are a car dealer, then this post shows the best tips in selling your car fast. You could use this steps to attract buyers for you car or cars for sale and make your money. 10 Ways to Sell Your Car 1 . Place an advert showing for sale on the car 2 . Show a working phone number on the car. This could easily allow intending buyers to communicate with the car seller. 3 . Test the car regularly by driving round often, this will publicize your car advert more.