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Entrepreneur of the Week : Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been named as the Entrepreneur of the week as well as the highest Earner of the week. She controls the Kardashian empire which includes television shows, clothing, homeline, fragrance, magazines, shoe dazzle etc. Kim k has been described as a successful entrepreneur who make millions from various business including her beauty. Kim K is an expert not only in showbiz but also

20 Ways to Control Bad Mood

People experience bad mood when things are not really going the right way, stress, sadness, negative thinking, low income, low patronage on business, unfulfilled target and many more. I strongly believe the best way to control or get over this mood of sadness is to identify the cause and move on. But below are more ways to to control such bad mood which includes : 20 Ways to control Bad Mood 1 . Listen to Music. 2 . Eat good food. 3 . Take a walk. 4 . Watch funny movies or comedy. 5 . Exercise your body. 6 . Go out for shopping.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Skype

Skype is the largest and popular voice communication service mostly used in the world. Skype allow users to make free voice calls and also free video calls. Skype was introduced to the world in 2003 and it has remained the biggest application that is used to make video calls. Apart from the free video calling on Skype, it also has other advantages and several reasons to use Skype. Some of the reasons to use Skype are highlighted below : 1. Messaging Services / videos : you could make instant text messages or video calls/chat to any network all over the world using Skype. Skype offers free video services and instant text messages just like a local phone services. 2. Face to Face Communication : Skype allows facial communication i.e, you see the friends or families

Photo : IPHONE 6

This is the wonder look of Iphone 6. Although it has not been release yet but this image shows the full shape of the Iphone 6. Courtesy : Earn Online

Sergey Brin's Car : Google Co-Founder

Google Owner was seen riding his latest invention which is a self- driving car. This is the latest Google invention after the Google walking shoe and Google glass by Sergey Brin. This car is popularly referred to as Batman and the wheel called Google Chrome. Image : from yahoo news Courtesy : Earn online

10 Annoying Things you do on Facebook

Facebook is such an interesting social networks where you could easily communicate with friends, families and loved ones by chat, instant messages, picture upload or just posting. Many people uses Facebook for different things such as promotion of brands, product and services. But many use Facebook in such a way that it annoys the friends. Some may correct the use of your posting while others may not care to tell you. You could easily annoy your spouse , fans, friends, and family on Facebook when you do the following : 1 . Posting irrelevant Religious things too often on your Facebook wall. 2 . When you tag people with useless or insensitive pictures on your Facebook wall.