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Entrepreneur of the Week : Harry Akande

Chief Dr Harry Akande has been selected as the Entrepreneur of the week . This pick was based on poll result about the highest earner of the week with great Entrepreneurship influence in the economy.

10 Reasons to Surf the Internet

Surfing the Internet have its gains just like it also has disadvantages. The internet has always been helpful in various ways which are discussed on this post. I strongly believe the time spent on the internet depends on the gains the internet user is getting. Surfing the internet seems to be the best thing that has ever happened to man because it create lot of opportunities. Many surf the internet to get some fresh news, research, tutorial etc. In a nut shell, the surfing the internet especially Google helps in the following ways. Advantages of Surfing the Inte r net . 1. Research : the internet is a place to learn some new things or get information on a particular project. It also helps to stay informed about any latest issues to be worked upon. 2. Seek Help : you could seek help surfing the internet on various issues like health, banking, finance, tech, job , entertainment etc.Surfing the internet makes it easy to get new information and answers to a question.

Top 8 Online Income Source

This post is aimed at providing the best source to earning money online. Many people believe making money online is a waste of time if people don't really know the real site to earn. But other also say that the internet is the best way to sell or promote your services . The main source of making money online are briefly explained below. Screenshot of earnings may not be posted but you may Google for more facts about this online income source. There are various ways to work online but the sources include : 1. Adsense : Google Adsense still remains a popular way for people to make money especially for site or blog owners. Some people also make money with their site with other online adveretising programs like Addynamo, Infolinks, Chitika or MediaNet.

Top Ways to Expose Your Services

Exposing your brand or services is a sure way to reach out to people about your services. You may choose to promote or expose your services online or offline. Both online and offline ways of exposing your business are good and you earn with it. Not everybody will become a manufacturer or product seller but you can also make money from your services. Many are involved in Online service s like web-design, programming, Blogging, writing, Affiliate marketing, sport and Forex trading while some are involved in other offline services like photography, estate agent, plumber, music/video producers, Event manager, cleaning services, farming, architecture designs, artistry etc. 6 Sure Ways to Expose your Service Online/Offline. 1. Social Networks : Irrespective of your services or handwork, you need to make use of Facebook or Twitter to get across to friends and family, making them know about your services. 2. Posters : You can also make some hand bills, stickers

5 Relevant Things About Twitter

Twitter is one of the trending social networks in the world. Twitter makes you communicate with friends and family and can also be a source of information if needed. But there are facts and relevant things you need to know using Twitter. I see Twitter as means to getting information across to my friends whereas Twitter works more than that. Below is a brief list of some relevant things you can do on Twitter. 5 Facts About Twitter 1. Promotion : You can easily get your product or services across to your followers. Twitter can act as a medium of online advertisement for your brand. Just tweet the links of your product or services, then you get responds.You can also promote website or blogs on Twitter. This can also be called Twitter Traffic.