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Entrepreneur of the Week : Jimoh Ibrahim

This site has decided to make Jimoh Ibrahim as the Entrepreneur of week . Jimoh Ibrahim was nominated based on poll and his work and influence in this country. The Nigerian Billionaire is the Group chairman and CEO of Global Fleet Group which contains subsidiary companies like Nicon Insurance, Air Nigeria, Global Fleet oil and Gas and Nicon Luxury Hotel.

Top 10 Hottest Companies in the World

This is a list of best, popular and hottest companies in the world but may not be the richest. These companies are trending, popular, and high in earning all over the world. Forbes described these companies as most searched companies in the world. Their are very reliable and user friendly. Top popular Companies in the World. 1 . Apple 2 . Google . 3 . Amway 4 . Facebook 5 . Microsoft

Photo : Google Talking Shoe

Google which is the biggest search engine has just launched it new invention which is the Google Talking Shoe . Google claims this shoe encourages walking which is beneficial to the Heart. This is the picture of Google Talking shoe from Google inc.

Top 20 Profitable Businesses with N1Million

This is a list of lucrative and profitable Business one can start with N1milliion. It depends on the country and satisfying the needs of that environment that help invest or start a business like the business ideas listed. The sum of 1million naira seems not be enough for many entrepreneurs or business men to start a business but i think this sum of money which is equivalent to $6500 can start a small business and with time the profit increases. Best Business Ideas with 1Million Naira 1 . Building an hotel 2 . Import and Export of electronics. 3 . Small scale oil and gas 4 . Poultry, Piggery and Fishery Business. 5 . Restaurant / Eatery Business

Entrepreneur of the Week : Dustin Moskovitz

This site has decided to name Dustin Moskovitz as the Entrepreneur and highest Earner of the week. Dusting Moskovitz was a co-founder of Facebook and a former roommate of Mark Zuckerberg. He owns 7.5million Facebook shares also about 5% of Facebook stock. He was listed as the richest youth in the world by Forbes with  Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Is Twitter Worth Joining

A reader sent a mail about use Twitter and she asked if Twitter is worth joining. She claim to be a Facebook addict and that she operate on Facebook on a regular basis and she want to know how useful the claimed Twitter social network can match up with Facebook. I started to realize how useful Twitter works when i see fresh news, reliable links, breaking news about celebrities, useful internet links where i get information according to my website niche, I have just put some few advantages of using Twitter and just as you read the few lines below, you will get the best from earn online why you need to join Twitter. 10 Advantages of using Twitter 1 . The first advantages is that you can easily connect with friends, families, celebrities, co workers and many others just like Facebook. 2 . You will get unlimited followers/friends on Twitter.