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Leveling Up Online Gaming Discussions through Chatwing Chat Widget

This a post by Aaron of ChatWing     It is undeniable that we are drawn to online games because they satisfy our thirst for competition. To prove this, many sophisticated games are developed that can be played alone or with multiplayer. Numerous websites and blogs are available that offer gamers tips and strategies to become stronger in their chosen games. Online gaming blogs and websites will be more effective by installing a chatbox . Web visitors will have a chance to ask questions real time and interact with other site visitors. The interaction will contribute to the increase of your site’s traffic. Don’t just embed any shout box you’ll find online, remember every thing in your site will reflect on your page’s image.

Top 10 cool Jobs in the world

This is a list of world coolest jobs. They spend more time working on this job and yet they enjoy doing it. The beauty of the job is that, you make money and you enjoy what you do. Most of this jobs are high paying but only a few knows what they really are :

Entrepreneur of the Week : Jack Dorsey

Our site Earn Online has decided to make Jack Dorsey as the Entrepreneur of the week. Jack Dorsey founded Twitter in 2006. According to alexa, Twitter is the ranked 10th in the world. Twitter is worth $140million with over 900 employees. Twitter is the fastest growing social networks in the world with over 600miilion users all over the world.                                    Jack Dorsey - Twitter Chairman