Online Job Search in Today's World - Dos and Don'ts

Online job search has its own benefits as well as challenges. The following post takes a quick look at the role of Online Job Search in today’s world.

The benefits of the Internet and the way it has transformed our lives have been referred to time and again. It goes without saying that today we refer to the Internet for almost everything—from booking tickets to online shopping, to updating status through our smartphones, our lives are literally dominated by the Internet these days.

It is a little wonder that we refer to the Internet for our job search. There are several job-related websites that we keep checking and update our professional profiles in order to land up with our dream jobs. However, not every one of us can actually avail the benefits of online job search to the fullest. The paragraphs below explain some of the basic tips of online job search.

Dos while conducting Online Job Search 
Create a plain text version of your resume and now upload it on the resume database. This is because; this is the place where submissions are pooled and organized so that it becomes easier for employers to search for the best candidate. Opt for a sophisticated format and create a text-version that can be easily uploaded and shared with the prospective employers. 

Refer to keywords from Job Descriptions

In the section that highlights, summary of qualifications, include keywords that are taken from the job description. Companies follow a system called the applicant tracking system that enables the employers to pick up the best candidates.  

Opt for Job Search Terms

Understand that there are certain terms that are associated with job search through the Internet. Placement and usages of keywords are very essential. Once on an online job portal, customize your search options to keywords such as ‘location’, ‘job description’, ‘key skills’. Once you have gone through these, focus on industries and job categories. If you want to choose a particular industry, focus on the area and go about applying accordingly. 

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On the other hand, job keywords are of significance while you are searching for a job through an online portal. So, if you are looking for the job of a ‘data analytics’ you must type in the desired keywords, ‘data analytics’ that would also double up as your skills. But make sure that you truly possess the skills that you have mentioned in your resume.

Online Networking

Online networking is very important while it comes to job search through the Internet. Someone has rightly said that, getting a job has got to do more with networking rather than simply uploading resumes on Online job portals. Networking through professional social networking sites can come to the rescue. Search these often and increase your connections; interact with them often so as you get to know as many professionals as possible.

Just as there are certain dos for online job search, you will also have to keep in mind, that there are certain don’ts for online job search. Explained below are some of the mistakes that one should avoid while pursuing.

Forgetting Manners

This refers to your online behavior. Since digital media is the order of the day, you have to be very careful about the way you behave even in the online world. Employers tend to check all your social profiles, especially Facebook and Twitter. So make sure you use it accordingly and may be if possible discreetly.

Avoid Over killing on the Online World

While you are available on the entire social networking world, ensure that you maintain your profiles well enough and manage them properly. Make sure they are complete and always furnish information that is true, especially for professional/ job networking sites. LinkedIn and Twitter are the most common platforms for job sites and HR managers regularly keep a check on these.

Don’t Expect to Hear Back Always

While it is humane to expect to hear and ponder over a new job, but it is best not raise your expectations; realistically most of the time you might not hear or even if you do, it might take you at least a month. Well, this is a fact and so what you can do is keep trying and when it is time, you will definitely hear from the employers and thus end up with your preferable job.

The above post is more of the gist of what you can expect to come across while on an online job search; the more your get involved the more you will get to know about the significance of online job search.

Author Bio:  Sampurna Majumder is a professional writer and a passionate blogger. Currently she is writing content for several websites such as that cover latest trends related to jobs and work related issues in the world and India in general such as these as well as other fields. The above post analyzes the significance of online job search


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