How to Make Money for Free

This site discussed how to make money, business ideas to earn money, various online jobs, work at home jobs and many more. The aim of our money making ideas is to show the youths, students, stay at home dads, stay at home mums, teens, children, undergraduate on different ways they can earn money either offline or online.

But now, we will be giving out free ideas on ways one can make money generally either online or offline. We have noticed that not everyone can stand the challenges of trying to make money online but they do better working offline and making their money but they lack ideas to do so.

Some people may have the capital and ideas to start a small business that brings money while many other may have the ideas but not capital. We will be listing some good money making ideas that works based on our own little experience and how we get our own money. Mind you, we will never ask you to pay a dime to get this list but you rather think about them and start working on how you can start making your own money doing something.

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Their are two trending ways to earn money this days, is either you work as a salary earner where you get paid at the end of the week/month or you work to make money either online or offline. Many of this scopes of making money have been discussed in our previous post but we will only list some and you read more on the original post because we don't want you to get bored reading this money making ideas.

Ideas to make money Offline

1. Start a small Business
2. Get Knowledge or Acquire some skills
3. Sell Crafts
4. Baby Sitting
5. Importation of Electronics or Phone
6. Importation of Cloths, Shoes or Bags
7. Importation of Jewelries
8. Food Sales
9 Sale of toys
10. Rent 
11. Car Accessories/ Phone Accessories
12. Stock
13. Real Estate
And many more which are posted previously on this site. You can get more offline money making ideas simply by using the search box above and you can get lots of results to read more. Recommended Post - Seven Uncommon Business that makes money

Ideas to Make Money Online 

1. Soccer Prediction
2. Paid Surveys
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Google Adsense/Addynamo/Medianet/Infolinks/Chitika/Yahoo ads
5.  Blogging
6. Article Writing
7. Earning Through Social Networks
8. Data Entry
9. Selling Online
10.  Domain Reselling Business
Many more ways to make money online are posted in our previous post, just use the search box to get full post on how to make money online. See how to make money online 

These are good ways to make money any way you like if you you will like to earn money online or you decide to make your money online. 

Feel free to suggest more ways to make money or you just give us feed back by using the comment box below to get your message across to the admin of this site. Thanks for reading.


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