How to Make Money from Sponsored Post

Sponsored post which is popularly called Paid Post is a good and legitimate way to make money with a blog or site. This is a way of getting an article to be posted on your site for money but in return, the client get some backlinks, traffic and some ranking on search Engines.
sponsored post

The simple trick in getting a sponsored post to earn money is not so difficult but depends on the following at times;
  • The site Niche
  • The site Pagerank
  • The site Domain Authority (DA)
  • The Alexa rank
  •  The site Visibility to search Engines.
  • The site popularity
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If your site should have the following listed tips well ranked, then the paid post also known as sponsored post advertisers will find you.

I thought this site will never have interested advertiser but when i kept updating the site, i realize the paid post are just coming and we are making money with them.

Some advertisers need you site do follow attribute just to rank high and they are ready to pay you. Keeping building your site to rank well and you will see how the sponsored post advertisers will be coming you way and you will make money with those sponsored post.
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Just as you are making money with sponsored post, you should also be careful of not linking back to bad site that is against Google, Bing or Yahoo terms and conditions so as not to get your de-indexed in no time from search engines due to bad links.

 These are suggested ways to earn money from sponsored post simply by following the ideas post above. Increase your site Pagerank, Alexa rank, Domain authority, search engine optimization etc and see site owners flood your site for paid post.


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