Best Payment Option for Buying and Selling Business

This post is aimed at providing a very useful information for any one who want to earn money through the business of buying and selling online or offline. Its specifically made for people who are about to be involved in wholesale business either online or offline and how to pay a seller or buyer in order to avoid getting scam.

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Making payment or receiving payment for buying and selling business is really a very delicate thing to be involved in these days due to scam but there some sure ways to that, pay a seller and get you stuffs delivered safely even if its in bulk. 

  • Escrow  :This a good way where a buyer or seller could make safe transaction and pay each other in order to prevent scam. You could virtually buy or sell anything with using this means. Visit Escrow for more about this service
  • Paypal: Payment made through PayPal is one of the most reliable due to the credibility of the payment gateway but one needs to be careful not to expose some vital information to the buyer or seller during online payment
  • Credit Card : if you don't expose your credit details, using a credit card is the best way to buy and sell online because it may not involve scam since the companies involved may revert the money when issue of fraud or good not delivered.
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  • Letter of Credit: You can reasonably pay a seller or buyer using a letter of credit which allow you to use your bank account as a medium of payment between both sellers and buyers. You only need to get a letter of credit with your bank for the money you want to pay a seller and the bank get in contact with the seller's bank account and get the money delivered legitimately.
  • Cash on Delivery : You could reliably a seller using Cash on Delivery. You will pay the shipping company directly once the items have been shipped to you. If you don’t pay the shipping company when the shipment arrives then they will not let you keep the items.
  • Bank Wire : a good way to pay a seller for stuffs bought is to use a bank wire method. Immediately the money is paid, the seller contact you and the goods are delivered to your doorsteps.
These are top and reliable ways to make payment for buying and selling business just to prevent scam and make good income. Pay your seller using the payment option option above, get your goods and earn your money. Thanks for reading this site.


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