4 Ways to Avoid Overspending this Christmas

The Christmas season is finally here where people buy, sell, visit, travel and spend their earned money in one way or the other just to enjoy this holiday season with family, friends or co workers. The Christmas holiday season is a beautiful one but we must not forget fact that reckless spending may harm our income especially in the new year.

pics of xmas seasonWhile other are planning to make more money this Christmas, some will be planning to spend money while other are planning to save but we are planning to make money and not overspend what we are earning during this season.

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There are many ways to avoid overspending this Christmas season and only a few are stated below. I know as you read on, you will learn some few tips here on how to control your spending this Xmas holiday.  

  • Avoid wastage : the best way to avoid wastage is to learn to save some part of your salary or income and not to spend everything this Xmas, Other simple ways to save is to cook at home instead of buying food in the canteen, walk a short distance instead of going out with your car or public transport and control your alcohol or beer drinking habit. Its a good way to save and reduce Xmas overspending.
  •  Make a List : do you know people spend more money during Xmas holiday season without making a list on what and Xmas things to buy. The best way to control spending here is to make a list and ensure you don't buy aside the list. Its a good way to avoid overspending at this season.
  • Make a budget : in order to avoid overspending, you need to make a budge of everything you want to spend, what you reserve for the season and their priorities. Budgeting is the most recommended way to avoid over spending because all is written on paper and planned.
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  • Visit Cheap Stores : yea, there are some stores that are very cheap, as in you can easily order for cheap and fairly used product at cheap prizes. You could buy some Xmas material as gift in some cheap online or product store such as Craigslist, eBay, Kijiji and other sites.
The following points listed above are good ways to avoid overspending at this Xmas holiday season and more ways will be posted in our next post. 

If you want to contribute more on this topic about preventing Overspending during Christmas, then use the comment box below and let learn from you. Thanks for reading.


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