12 Cost Effective Ways to Stay Warm This Season

Just as we have promised to give you the best information on ways to make money, save money and live a good life, we decided to write about cost free or cheap ways to stay warm this season without spending much money on getting warm at this time.

winter snowJust as you know that we are in the winter season where coldness becomes the other of the day and more money are spent during this time to keep warm. Also, in some part of Africa are also experiencing the harmattan season with cold, dry and dusty wind which makes people stay more at home and thereby spending more not on feeding but on getting warm

Below are different cheap ways one can get warm, enjoy is hard earned money and reduce money spent on some gas stations just to keep warm. See below some good and cheap ways to keep warm this cold winter season and keep your money for something else especially the work at home mums that makes their money only through the internet.  
  • Buy some cheap thick easy to wash cloths which helps prevent coldness
  • Use cheap Electric Blanket found in stores, its very cheap and recommended to keep you warm at this time
  • Use some cheap Duvet cover in your home
  • Use Space heater which are relative affordable and easy to get in stores
  • Make use of Stove and firewood at times, its affordable and makes you keep your money better
  • Make use of Boiler and furnace to keep you warm at this cold season
  • Space heater is highly recommended at this time
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  • Paint wall dark color
  • Make use of rugs in home, it make the room warm
  • Open doors and windows during the day and close all at night, its a cheap and cost free way to keep warm
  • You may also use the cheap flamer sheet around, its good
  • Block draft is also relatively cheap and affordable
Based on some of the points explained above, it makes sense to live better by staying warm cheaply without the gas companies and firm who takes your money just to keep you warm which may not be affordable based on your earnings.

Consider using some of listed amazing ways which lowers the freezing and temperature of your home at this time. You may also suggest more cost free and cheap ways to keep warm this season. Thanks for reading


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