10 Best Micro Jobs Site to Earn Money Online

Just as we've promised to give you various ways to make money online as well as the list of site that pays. A good way to make money through the internet is by doing micro jobs.
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When we say Micro jobs, we are referring to simple jobs based on one's skill that can be done online for people that needs your services and you get paid for jobs well done. This is one of the new ways to work and make money online and many people have been earning through this means.

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Based on results, reviews and proof of payment from us, sites, blogs, forums etc we are listing the top best micro jobs site where you could post an advert and start getting micro jobs to earn money online. See below for those micro job sites.

1. Fiverr

2. Gigbucks

3. Zeerk

4. Microlancer

5. Seoclerks

You could render various online services like backlink building, logo creator, banner design, webdesign, traffic generator, seo services, photographer, graphic designer, sell facebook likes, sell facebook fans, email ads, twitter followers and many more

The 5 best microjobs sites pasted above works all most same and you only need to do the following ;
  • Sign up
  • read terms and conditions
  • select payment method
  • start an advert  e.g gigs on fiverr
  • cash out when you want to
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Do not be deceived that you also need to promote your services, work hard to fulfill job promise and be very reliable on delivery. Your money will be paid at the end of every job completion certified by the client.

Try the site above, get an order, complete jobs and make your money doing this jobs in your home and at free time. Thanks for reading this site.


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