Top 5 Online Jobs for Student to Earn Money

This post shows the 5 good ways students can make money for themselves while in college or university working and partaking in some student  Online jobs high cost of school fees and school materials will make some some smart student begins to learn how to earn money online using the smart phones or sitting in front of a computer while while the money rolls in while the study.

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Below are few Online Jobs a college or undergraduate can do to earn some extra cash in school ;

1. Freelance writing : One of the sure online jobs recommended for students is to take part in some freelance writings or proofreading. There are some reliable site where students can write original articles and get paid for such. You could also make adverts of your writing skills on sites like fiverr, zeerk, trionds, elance , odesk and so on. Google for more reviews about reliable site that pays to write or proofread article and get paid for your effort. Its one of the best online jobs for student to earn money while studying.

2. Blogging : Blogging is the perfect online jobs for student either college student or undergraduate. Student can make money blogging while studying but its not a fast way. Its like investing some few extra time to update a blog and with time, it pays. Much is said about blogging by reading this post . How to Make Money Blogging.

3. Creating Videos : Creating and selling YouTube videos for people, companies or some of your tutorials/fun to people. Many people may find it interesting and call for more video services for their product or even monetize your video with Google Adsense which may be of help to you to earn cash from such videos while some advertiser run after you for some YouTube Tutorials

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4. Online Tutor skype : I call this one teaching online. As a student, you may want to use your Skype activities to educate people, help co-student and get paid for it. Many other student will pay you to tutor them on some areas of subject or expert and also some researches or project through Skype 

5. Surveys : Taking Paid Surveys is a good way to make extra cash as a student only if you have the time and could register with some reliable survey company. You get paid for your time online. Read more about taking paid surveys now @ Top 5 Survey Sites that Pays

6. Sport Prediction : Well Some sport prediction site is readily available to earn money as a student. You predict the scores of various soccer event in the hot leagues in the world and for every correct prediction, you earn money i.e draw, lose or win game. This online job is a good way for student to earn money because it only involve using your phone or internet facility to do that.

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As promised, we will not collect any money from you for our money making information disclosed but to provide you with the best information that works. The following online jobs ideas disclose works well for me even as a student and every other colleague. It works.

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