How to Use Facebook

This is a post that explains the best and simple use of Facebook which is the biggest social network on the internet with over a Billion active users. is the most popular and used social networks where people share and communicate with family and fiends but the use of Facebook is much more than that and are described below.

8 Ways to Use Facebook

1. Communication : just as i said earlier, Facebook is a social site where you could easily get across to family and friends through sharing of pics, text, files, etc

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2. Online Adverts : you can use Facebook to advertise your products and services online through links shared, product adverting, Facebook Fan page and Facebook Paid ads

3.  Earn Money : You can also use Facebook to make money in different ways either directly selling a product or services.

4. Facebook Games : Although many see this as addictive but i see Facebook games as a way of relaxing after a long day at work. There are so many interesting  games one could play on Facebook and get rid of Boredom

5. Promote Business : You can use Facebook for our Business and make you Business go viral all over the internet. There are so many Business package on Facebook and see if you could promote your Business using Facebook

6. Site Traffic  : Facebook is source of traffic to blog or site owner aside the traffic from search engines. There are different ways to drive traffic to a site using Facebook which in turns brings profit for the site owners.

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7. Make Friends  :  Facebook is a site to make new friends and also get connected to old friends, loved ones and family members.

8. News and Updates : Facebook is a social networking site and as well as a source of news to many people. Through Facebook, you can get lot of relevant news from other site links or people

These few ways to get the best use of Facebook, enjoy this social network and also make money using Facebook. More ways to use Facebook will be posted in the next post. Thank for reading and using Facebook for something tangible.


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