How to Prevent Your Site from Getting Blacklisted by Google

If you own a blog or website with huge or moderate traffic and you tend to avoid getting Blacklisted by Google search, then this is the post that explains all. on Google first page could bring more traffic and popularity but can also be lost within a few moment if the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is in excess or overdue. One of my client site was blacklisted and i took it upon myself to search for the cause

Although Google may not list your site as a Blacklisted site but you will gradually lost all your presence on Google search page or may also face ban.

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The following reasons where found to have caused the site blacklist on Google but here are simple ways to avoid getting Blacklisted by Google

Ways to Avoiding getting on Google Blacklist

1. Keyword Stuffing : this is the density and frequent use of keyword used for the post, many website owners and bloggers are fond of using and increasing their keyword density just to get on top of their keyword search thereby forgetting Google updates on various search issues

2. Buying Links: i never realize the harm i was playing with on a site when i purchase a popular link of over 3,000 just to increase the site backlinks until one of Google update brings the site down and claim the links are bad links. This kind of purchased link from Fiverr or other popular SEO site are too risky because they could make your site get blacklisted by Google

3. Submitting to Wrong Link Directories : Although submitting to links directories seems much interesting to me when i newly started to blog. I just realize most of those link directories may even send your site to some spam site and may get your site off Google Search.

4. Article Marketing : Article marketing is good and brings much traffic but have ever considered submitting your article to some site with bad links, spam or article spinning site where much of your stuffs are rewritten against their selfish interest. All of this may result to a site being blacklisted by Google or any other search engine
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5. Pornography or Violence post : Its against Google rule that site with pornography, hacks cheats etc are against their terms and condition. The site not only get blacklisted, deleted but may lost social Google search presence if caught during their update

This simple 5 ways to avoiding getting listed on Google Blacklist are reasonable and i will like you to read and think about this. You may use the comment box below to add to the point mentioned or ask a question.

Note : the best way is to avoid some of the listed point is to blog safely and don't be involve in such act anymore.

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