How to Earn with Adverts on your Blog

Many people have asked the questions over and over again on ways to make money from adverts place on their sites. You can really earn money from your blog by placing different adverts of companies, people, and other websites directly on your blog.

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There are diffrent types of ad sizes which can best fit in to your blog page layout or area and the only requirement where you could see lots of advertiser is based only on few factors like:

1. Google Page Rank
2. Alexa Rank

3. Number of Daily page Views
4. Backlinks
5. Domain Authority

Those are few factors that brings advertisers to your blog and the different and sure ways to make money from adverts place on your blog are:

Ways to Make Money from Adverts

1. Google Adsense : This is one sure way people make money directly from their blog. Google adsense is an online Pay Per Click program which pays publishers based on traffic and clicks from ads place on their site through Google. Other reliable program includes Addynamo, Medianet, Infolinks and Clicksor.

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2. Direct Ads Space : This involves selling an ads banner on your site where people or interested clients can buy such space for  various promotion or better exposure on their sites.

3. Sponsored Post : This may not be a direct picture ads but a well written article about a product, services or site where you are Paid to Write such article on your site. You gain money from such post and in return, the post or site owner get traffic or popularity from your post.

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4. Affiliate Programs : These are programs that allow blog owners to make money selling their product directly on their site. This is done by placing the codes of the affiliate link on your site which displays the product on your site.

Many more ways of Making Money from Adverts place on your blog will be post in the next post, please keep your fingers cross as we will be posting more on blog advertising soon

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