How to Become an Entrepreneur Blogger

Can some really become an Entrepreneur Blogger? many of the requirement and the answer to this question will be answered as you read on with this brief tips.

An Entrepreneur is some who operate or start a business or business for profit while an Entrepreneur blogger is an individual that takes his or her blog as a business venture where he/she invest to make profit from it.

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I have always believed that blogging cannot be classified as a real business to make money but when i studied more about blogging and other ways to make money from it, then i was quick to realize that Blogging is the most reliable and surest online Business any day but only with time.

Below are few things an Entrepreneur blogger or Business blogger must do to be successful,  with this before making it a personal business ;

1. Setting up a domain name : Starting to make money blogging or taking blogging as a real business to invest in, the first thing to do is get a well research title and domain name for the new blog. The name of the blog must be short, well organize and must be either to solve a problem or entertain your readers.

2. Blogging platform : the blogging platform which may be either WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr must be clearly defined but many blog and SEO (search engine optimization) expert believes WordPress is the best blogging platform for Business blog

3. Web hosting : if on WordPress, the best web hosting plan should be applied so as to make the blog look professional since its a blog for business

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4. Good Design : as an Entrepreneur Blogger, you need to ensure the best blogging design is used even if its design by an expert. A good design gives a blog the respect it deserves.

5. Premium  Template : any free or paid premium template should be considered but an Entrepreneur who is ready to invest in a blog should go for an uncommon paid template that matches the blog design

6. Email List : an Entrepreneur blogger who is ready to spend money on a blog should focus on getting and building a subscriber list so as to send newsletters to them often.

7. Paid ads: there are many paid ads to be considered and the best are Facebook ads, Yahoo ads, Google adword, Stumbleupon ads and many more.

If you really want to become an Entrepreneur blogger or you really want to make your new or old blog come out big by becoming a profit making blog, then you need to invest in the 7 points described above as the best way to make a blog become an investment.

Note: Successful Blog Entrepreneurs do not start  a blog and start making money immediately but its time to build a blog

Many more ways on how to become an Entrepreneur blogger will be posted in the subsequent post, thanks for reading this site.


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