Few Task Management Tips

Task management is  very tedious process and most of the time we don’t follow and leave the work incomplete. These tips will also help you to overcome these and do the task and manage them effectively.

•    Get your tasks noted on paper: The first step is to plan the tasks on paper, which tasks are required, high priority, low priority etc. This will stop you procrastinating and get things done.Be fully prepared about the tasks and make sure you list all of them .

•    If the task is very big try to slice it into smaller task and try to complete each one to get involved into the task easily. 

•    Complete the task that give you more anxiety or fear so that you can feel free after the task is over.

•    Partition the list by prioritizing the tasks like high medium low and critical.

•    Schedule the tasks accordingly and do the tasks with high priority or critical first. Do the most critical task first followed by high, medium and low task.

•    Think about the negative consequences if the task is not done properly .Always make up your mind to finish the task properly.

•    Start your day with most difficult task since you will be fresh and energetic to do the task.

•    There are many sites which helps you to manage tasks. Zoho has a Zoho Time Tracking Software which can be used to track your tasks and finish them. You can use this software to manage all complex tasks. Visit the site and get started in less than 1 minute. There are many more sites which do the same but I personally recommend this one. You have a free trial here in this site ,before spending some cash do try it and then if you are really pleased with the  software  you can subscribe per year.

Article was written by kasper who blogs on tech blog.


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