10 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of the Biggest and most used social Networks in the world and which has helped people and companies promote their brand to millions of followers across the internet.

www.earnonlineng.comUnlike Facebook, Twitter has no limit to the number of followers an individual can have which makes twitter a good social networks for various online activities.

Having more and more Twitter Followers is an advantage to every Twitter user and i see those Increasing Twitter follower for easy promotion of brand, good or website across the world

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There are different ways to increase a Twitter followers without directly purchasing from sites that promise to give millions of followers money but those followers gradually vanishes with time. There was a time i bought 40k Twitter followers but all those followers only left after a while.

Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

1. The Quickest way to increase your Twitter followers is to Advertise on Twitter that is Twitter Paid ads. You get thousand of Twitter followers using this method

2. Add a large Twitter follow button on your website or blog.

3. Add a large Twitter Share Button on your website or Blog

4. Ask Questions on your Twitter page. This proves to be an effective way to increase twitter followers

5. A good way to increase your Twitter followers freely is to Tweet Regularly or Post links

6. Ask engaging questions to your Twitter followers regularly

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7. A good way to gain and increase Twitter Followers is to re-tweet other people tweets 
especially Twitter users with high numbers of followers

8. Adding a news content on your twitter page everyday

9. Run a competition and Tweet about the possible prize your Twitter followers stand to gain

10.  Add follow us on Twitter badge on your website or blog, this increases your Twitter followers

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11. If you desperately needs Thousands of Twitter followers then check some relevant or trusted fiverr gigs claiming to help you get Twitter followers for $5

Use the following tips above and see how your Twitter followers will increase daily. You may not get a skyrocket result immediately but with time, people will follow you and ensure you follow back

Note : A trusted way of increasing a Twitter follower is to follow back people who followed you. Thanks.


  1. While I maintain that most of your online networking energy should be spent on LinkedIn andTwitter,


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