How to Start Mobile Banking Using Andriod or Iphone

Mobile Banking is a trending and fastest way of Internet banking mostly used around the world now in terms of online money transfer, online payment, cash deposits and many more.

Mobile Banking is a way of banking through mobile phones especially smartphones like Andriod, Blackberry and Iphones. You don't need to go to the bank before any bank transaction is made but directly on your mobile phone.
iamges of moile banking

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I am writing this post on How to use the Mobile Banking because am currently using my Andriod phone for all bank transactions like send money, receive money, buy/sell online, get alert via mobile and many more

How to Start Mobile Banking on Mobile Phone

1. Go to your Google Play or Apple/Mac store on your Andriod or Iphone.

2. Search and Download your bank apps.

3. Register with your Online Banking information

4. If you don't have online banking information, then visit the website of your bank and register for online banking services or create a profile right there on your phone.

5. Login through your bank apps installed om your phone and begin to use the mobile banking

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These five steps are the simple way to start your mobile banking on your phone if you've not started using it. Mobile banking help save the stress of going to the bank or getting and internet connected computer before you could use mobile banking.

Thanks for reading as you take the step on starting to use the mobile banking services right there on your Andriod or Iphone.


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