How to Spot Scam Survey Site

Making Money Online by taking surveys has been the oldest and reliable method to earn money straight into a Paypal or Bank Account. But Many Survey site has ended up scamming people and defrauding them of their time and earnings when it get to Payments.
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You can avoid and also spot some of these scam survey site simply following our guidelines to spotting and avoiding scam survey site.

5 Ways to Spot Scam Survey Sites 

1. High Payments : you could easily spot and avoid scam survey site that promise high payment like $10 to $50 per surveys, reliable survey site rarely pay such amount and i see this as a way to spot, identify and avoid scam and fraud survey sites.

2. Personal Information  : Scam survey site are usually associated with asking users to submit personal information like account details, login details, email password and many more. A site asking for such online info are fake site because legitimate survey site don't usually ask for such info.

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3. Downloads : You could identify fake and scam survey site if such ask you to download before taking surveys. Real and high paying survey site usually don't ask you to download before surveys could be done and completed.

4. Payment Threshold : Some scam survey site can easily be identified simply by checking reviews of their proof of payment to members from forums, blog, official site etc. Some Fake Survey site promise high payment threshold which may never be redeemed while taking surveys.

5. Survey Completion : Some scam survey site usually don't allow users to complete a survey successfully before redirecting to a product page. Such site are illegal, fake and scam.

6. Payment for Registration :  Scam or fake survey site are usually spotted when the site states that you need to pay before registering to take surveys. Reliable and high paying survey site don't usually ask people to pay before registering to take surveys on their site. Such site that ask for money are scam survey site.

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I believe you could easily identify some scam survey site using our tips provided to identify such site. Please taking surveys is a good way to make money online only if you have the time to sacrifice for such and you Google for more legitimate site that pays. Thanks for reading Earn Online.


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