How to Get a Payoneer Mastercard Using a Blog

Are you a site or Blog owner and you really need to obtain a Payoneer Mastercard for your Online Transactions, follow the following steps on how to obtain a free Payoneer mastercard with your blog shipped directly to your door step.
Get Payoneer Mastercard with Blog

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The Payoneer Card is an online and reliable card used all over the world to make payment online via a card. This card can be obtained from if you are a site or blog owner with either a high traffic or low traffic site/blog.

How to Get a Payoneer Mastercard with your Site

1. Set up a blog or an official site or use your existing blog

2. Register as a publisher with Payoneer partner site like Infolinks

3. Place infolinks ads on your Site and wait for ads to show on your site.

4. Then head over to payments method on Infolinks dashboard

5. Choose Pay by Payoneer Mastercard

6. This immediately directs you to Payoneer Homepage

7. Register your account with valid name, email and address at this site

8.  Wait for Payoneer admin to accept your registration.

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9. After few days, an email will be sent to you to upload valid government document

10. A date of card delivery will be sent to your valid address

11. Upon the debit card arrival, you then confirm your Payonner pin and everything.

You will realize that you don't really need anybody to teach you how to get this Payoneer card, you only need to follow the following steps above.

Getting your Payoneer Mastercard is a great tool to pay and receive payment online even when some site turn down your bank debit card as a Online payment gateway.

Thanks for reading as you get your new Mastercard using your blog or site. Its as simple as ABC. Happy Earning Online


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