How to Avoid Getting Sacked at Work

One of our readers on this site recently asked a question on how to prevent getting sacked by her Boss at work due to the recent unemployment in the country. I was quick to tell her some ideas on how to get her job secured because that's the only way she makes her money.
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One needs to avoid getting sacked from work which may be either private or public company just to get paid and meet ends meet.

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How to Avoid Getting Sacked By Boss

1. Unpunctuality : becoming punctual at work will definitely prevent you from getting sack from work by your Boss. All business owners wants their workers to always be punctual at work

 2. Lack of initiative : you may prevent getting sacked when you developed the habit of giving vital information and using your initiative well on ideas that could help grow the company.

3. Wasteful : many people who get sack at work are rather too wasteful. Wasting resources at work makes your Boss get fed up on you and you may get fired at work, so prevent wastage of resources.

4. Irresponsibility : the level of your being responsible at work at credit to your attitude at work. You need to do responsible things than irresponsible at work

5. Disloyalty : the soul of every business is loyalty, therefore you will never get sack when you are loyal at work and especially to your boss.

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6. Lack of passion : you work to earn money, but when the passion, desire and zeal of the work isn't in you then you may face sack. But in order to avoid sack, build a passion for the job at hand and be happy working for your boss.

7.Lying : i don't think there is any boss that will tolerate liars. Its a terrible thing to lie at work because you lose your credibility in towards your boss and you may get fired at any time.

The following tips on how to avoid getting sack at work by your Boss works well for me andi think i need to let you know that i don't joke with these tips especially if you have no other job at hand. Thanks for Reading Earn Online


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