Entrepreneur of the Week : Liliane Bettencourt

This site has named Billionaire Liliane Bettencourt as the Entrepreneur of the week. This result was based on poll result on the the winner of Earn Online Highest money maker of the week as well as the Entrepreneur of the week.

According to Forbes, The french  Billionaire Liliane Bettencourt was ranked first in France and 9th Billionaire in the world with a net worth of $30b. See pics of Liliane Bettencourt Below

Images of Liliane Bettencourt

Source : Forbes

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At age 90, Liliane Bettencourt is the world's richest woman, and returns to the top ten wealthiest for the first time since 1999. She and her family own more than 30% of L'Oreal, which her father founded. They've gotten far richer this year, thanks to a boost in the French cosmetics powerhouse's stock. However she had her fortune placed under the guardianship of her daughter Francoise Bettencourt-Meyers in 2011 following a very public three-year legal battle. The elderly widow, who suffers from dementia, was replaced on the company's board by her 25-year-old grandson Jean-Victor Meyers in February 2012.

Kudos to Liliane Bettencourt for becoming this site Entrepreneur of the week. Thanks for Reading.


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