20 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Website

I started by website and a blog site when i never knew much about web administration and it took me years to accomplish a goal of building a good website.

how to start a new websiteSome have ask the question on search engines or forum on how to start a website or blogging but they just start the site and begin to get information on how to make the site look good.

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 Here are few things you need to know before starting a website

Things You Need to Start a Site

1. You need to state the purpose of creating the site, if its to sell a product or pass information.

2. You need to clarify if the site is a Business site or Individual

3. You need to consider a good Webhosting

4. To start a website you need to consider a good Domain Name

5. To start a website, you to choose the program you want e.g HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JQuery, Javascript etc

6. If you want to start a blog, then you need to choose a preferred platform either Blogger or Wordpress]

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7. To start a website, you need to choose the best design or template for the site

8. You need to choose a good and attractive content for the site

9. You need to target your audience, which is the basis of creating a website.

10. You need to get a good social network interaction and add the best social networks widget.

11. Before starting a site, you need to pick the best website size and screen resolution to get the best

12. To start a site, you need to choose the best colour and background that fit your brand and display on the site.

13. If its a product site, the best online payment option should be considered

14.  To start a site, you need to choose the best way to make money with either thorugh sales, affiliate marketing or Pay Per Click advertising program.

15.  You need to state if the site contains adult content or the age specification

16. The privacy policy must clearly be stated on the site

17.  An About us page must be stated on the blog as well as the terms and condition.

18.  To start a website, you need to choose a design which is user friendly and with easy navigation.

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19. Your new site need no too much pop ups because it may discourage visitors from roaming the site

20. You  need to choose the best search engine optimization service and traffic source which may be through paid advertising (facebook /google adwords) or search engine.

These are few things you need to know before starting a website, forum or Blog. The aim of this post is to make you to be focus and start a good website to create awareness for your brand.


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