10 Suggested List of Online Jobs

Maybe you have made the search engine your friend by frequently searching available and high paying Online Jobs. This is a list of legitimate online jobs that pays and very easy to perform in front of your computer at home.

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You may need to research more on the paying patterns of some of this online jobs listed below and their legitimacy of operation.
online jobs 
1.  Online Translations

2. Online Transcriptions

3. Football Trading

4. Survey Sites

5. Binary Operation

6. Freelance Writing e.g Odesk and Elance

7. Working on Fiverr

8. Blogging

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9. Starting a Website

10. Paid to Write

11. Paid Surveys

12. Soccer Predictions

13. Paid to Shop

14. Paid to post

15. Adsense

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16. Adsense revenue Sharing

17 Currency Exchanger

18. Affiliate Marketing

19. Web design

20. Bulk Sms

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Many more list of online jobs will be posted in our next post and genuine sites to join and start working to earning online. Keep your fingers cross as we update with the list of reliable online jobs on the internet. Thanks


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