Why is Social Signal Important in SEO

(Search Engine Optimization) is the most significant tool for improving the searches on your website or blog all over the world. There are billions of blog and websites on internet. Your blog needs to be different from others in order to get large traffic. Your blog must exist within the first few pages of search engines to generate good amount of visitors on your articles. A good SEO can derive you instant and more visitors to your blog. SEO is of two types namely- On Page Optimization and off page optimization. On page optimization is the methods that you use before the posting of your article. Off page optimization are the methods used to promote your article after you have posted it to your blog or the Guest blogging services. We will discuss about the off page optimization here. The social marketing of your blog is a type of social signal that is very important in SEO. It is the main source of traffic to your blog.

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What are social signals?

A social signal is a type of link from someone’s social profile to your web page. If you click on like button below the post on any social networking site, then you have given the post writer a social signal. Let us consider an example to understand it in a better way. Suppose you are blog owner and had posted an article about SEO and had also shared it on your social profile. If someone like that post on your social profile then the person who have liked your post had provided you a social signal. Rather all the persons who have liked your post on the social profile have provided you the social signal.

Why people think social signals are important?

  • When you view a blog post and see that around 100 people have shared that blog post across different social networking sites, you assume that the content is really very good that is why people had shared it. So, you go on reading the post and if you find it interesting, you also like it.
  • Google had started rewarding the websites for the social signals they have from different social networks. Every time when Google updates its algorithms, it adds more weightage to them.
You can start generating the social signals for your blog post through different social networking sites like Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Does Social Signals work for SEO?

SEO signals make a big difference to the search results. Most importantly, Google pays a high attention to social signals and helps your blog or website to be indexed well. These social signals do not boost the search results instantly; it takes some time to boost the search results for the post which had received the social signals from the readers and your friends.
  • You can check the working of Social Signals by following method-
  • Pick any blog post and a landing keyword
  • Note the search rankings for that post
  • Ask around 30 friends, colleagues or team mates like, tweet or +1 your article
  • Follow this trend for around 30 days
  • Now check the search rankings again. You will see a good improvement on the search results for the article.
This is how social signals are important in SEO. Thanks for reading Earn Online


  1. Nice information sharing.People are more likely to trust a website recommended personally by their friends than by a search engine. Websites with a strong social presence are more easily shareable and accessible, and thus easier to recommend.
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